McCoy: “But Jim, we just sacrificed the life of a Federation diplomat so that a man who should have died 150 years ago can have a new girlfriend. Shouldn’t we, like, mourn her loss, or inform Starfleet or something?:

Kirk: “Eh, I’m sure they can find another diplomat lady to stop that imminent planetary war. Let’s go home.”


Okay, so “I, Mudd” is, what, the fourth (?) #TOS episode where Kirk defeats an alien AI by making contrary, illogical statements? You’d think the vast alien intelligences would have long ago patched their AIs with a simple “Does not compute? Store transcript in memory and move on” subroutine.

Still, antiquated misogyny aside, this is a pretty fun episode.

Also, I’m about halfway through season two and have to say that Chekhov is just the worst. Bozhe moi!,_Mudd_(episode)