Finally got a chance to watch the #Supergirl  premiere last night. I agree with opinions I’ve read that it was bumpy but shows promise. Melissa Benoit is a very likable lead, and I was happy to see David Harewood, who I really enjoyed in Robin Hood (though his American accent is a bit rough).

I also love that there are lots of women and POC in important roles, and that its really Mehcad Brooks who’s the eye-candy (my wife was a big Necessary Roughness fan, so she was happy to see him, for various reasons /cough pecs).

Not to mention, I give the show HUGE credit for quickly revealing Kara’s identity to most of the important characters. Seriously, Buffy did this, and it’s the best way to go for an ensemble superhero show. Dancing around secret identities is, for me, one the least interesting topics ever, at least among the primary cast (I’m looking at you, Smallville).

I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.