We watched Coco tonight, and I’ve finally stopped crying long enough to declare that this is the greatest film Disney has ever made. AFAIC, they can just close up shop now.

Also: this is the only animated film I can think of where all the guitar playing was animated correctly. I am in shock.



#FamilyMovieNight this past weekend was Brave, which I haven’t seen since it was in theaters — and I feel like this film has to be older than 2012, but that’s maybe just me getting old.

I remember being a little lukewarm on this film, so I was pleasantly surprised that it exceeded my memory; I enjoyed the whole ride and was tearing up at the end.

That said, I can see that it suffers a bit in comparison to some other Pixar films. There is something that drags a bit once the bear transformation takes place, and I don’t feel like any of the performances beyond Merida and the Queen are all that memorable.

Also: did his film start the archery craze? The Hunger Games came out the same year, right?

My son seemed to enjoy it and was only scared a little bit in some of the Mordu scenes. I have a feeling the antics of the triplets were probably his favorite bits.

lastly, I dunno if Merida can be considered​ a Disney Princess, but if so, she’s my favorite.


Oh, quick #FamilyMovieNight catch-up. A couple of weeks ago my son and I had a boy’s weekend, and we watched Toy Story 2 and 3 on successive nights.

I am ashamed to admit that I had never seen them before. Honest.

That said, they are now two of my favorite Pixar films. 2‘s ending had me on the edge of my seat, and 3‘s ending had me almost bawling my eyes out.

I saw on IMDB that 4 is in the works, and I did a little happy dance in my head.

#FamilyMovieNight this week was Disney’s Hercules.

I remember feeling “meh” about the film back in the day, and that hasn’t really changed. The performances are all… competent, the songs are forgettable, and the complete revision of the Hercules myth into a Teen Disney Misfit™ is still hard for me to swallow. Sure, James Woods’ performance as Hades is great, but who the hell (hehe) wants to say nice things about Woods these days?

Mostly, I feel like there was an opportunity here to do something interesting with Hercules as a Disney prince — a powerful hero who learns how to not be a dick, say — and they chose the easy route — the Greek mermaid — instead.

I also finally realized how much they crib from Superman, especially Donner’s take. Baby falls from the heavens and is adopted by a humble farm couple, grows into the awkward teenager who just wants to play sports like his peers do, talks to his real alien father via a statue in the Temple of Solitude, eventually becomes a powerful hero who falls in love with a street-smart brunette, battles an evil bald mastermind, and then brings his lady love back from the dead.

My son seemed kind of bored by the film. He liked bits of the slapstick, but both Hades in general and the hydra scene, specifically, were too scary for him; we fast-forwarded through most of those bits.

So, yeah, I get why Disney is happy to let this one sit on Netflix.