This weekend I caught up on a couple Marvel films that lost out to parenting needs over the last year or so.

I loved it. So much fun, such good use of SFX to make all of the shrinking/growing action compelling and watchable. I’ve been a Paul Rudd fan for a while, and I think it’s awesome to see him in the Marvel lineup as this character. I was also amazed that the film made Ant-Man look cool; honestly, I never cared at all for the character before this. I will say that having Scott and Hope kiss at the end felt contrived and unnecessary. Also loses a few points for including Peggy Carter but having her fail the Sexy Lamp Test.

Enjoyed the film and felt Reynolds was absolutely the perfect cast. I was also happy to see Morena Baccarin in such a high-profile film (and likely to see her show up in sequels). That said, this is a pretty bro-tastic film, and so my enjoyment is a little bittersweet. Also, I felt their take on Colossus was 100% wrong.

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