My son received a big set of Marvel action figures for Christmas today, and I was just thinking how cool it is that three of them — if you count Zoe Saldana as Gamora, since that is the only way my kid has ever experienced her — are POC. That mostly did not exist when I was a kid.

(That said, I’m remembering now that I’m pretty sure I had one of the old MEGO figures of Falcon back in the day. Which is basically more credit to Marvel and the persistence of that character. I mean, beside him and Lando Calrissian, what other options were there back then?)

So, Happy Holidays and WAKANDA FOREVER.

We watched Coco tonight, and I’ve finally stopped crying long enough to declare that this is the greatest film Disney has ever made. AFAIC, they can just close up shop now.

Also: this is the only animated film I can think of where all the guitar playing was animated correctly. I am in shock.



As defined by my son, a balitok is a unit of measurement that is:

A) More than 15%, and;

B) Bigger than a pumpkin.

I, for one, will endeavor to use this new unit as often as possible.

#FamilyMovieNight this past weekend was Brave, which I haven’t seen since it was in theaters — and I feel like this film has to be older than 2012, but that’s maybe just me getting old.

I remember being a little lukewarm on this film, so I was pleasantly surprised that it exceeded my memory; I enjoyed the whole ride and was tearing up at the end.

That said, I can see that it suffers a bit in comparison to some other Pixar films. There is something that drags a bit once the bear transformation takes place, and I don’t feel like any of the performances beyond Merida and the Queen are all that memorable.

Also: did his film start the archery craze? The Hunger Games came out the same year, right?

My son seemed to enjoy it and was only scared a little bit in some of the Mordu scenes. I have a feeling the antics of the triplets were probably his favorite bits.

lastly, I dunno if Merida can be considered​ a Disney Princess, but if so, she’s my favorite.