1) There is a whole generation of young women who picked up guitars because of Taylor Swift — she’s almost single-handedly responsible for the recent resurgence in acoustic guitar sales.

2) As a guitarist who frequents guitar fora, I can tell you that the online and offline communities are very much a boys club. You can probably count the number of signature guitar models given to women over the last 100 years on one hand (St. Vincent, Mary Kaye, Susanna Hoffs, Bonnie Raitt, and, uh…). One forum recently had a thread about Fender targeting women with upcoming campaigns, and literally, the first comment was, “So, does that mean smaller necks and neon pink finishes?”

(Fender actually has done a great job marketing beyond just dudes. It’s one reason they are in much better shape than Gibson.)

3) An iconic exhibit of rock instruments that overlooks things like Chrissie Hynde’s Telecaster, Bonnie Raitt’s Strat, Carol Kaye’s P-Bass, Joan Jett’s Melody Maker, or any acoustic played by Joni Mitchell is just nuts.

All that said… this does not surprise me at all. All of the iconic instruments in popular rock mythology are associated with men.

(Liberated from a private share.)

Do Women Rock? The Met Overlooks Women’s Contributions to Rock and Roll

This fan-created mix of Metallica’s _…And Justice For All” is sooooo much better than the actual album. It’s a glimpse into how good the mix could have been if Lars Ulrich wasn’t such a doofus.