“The demon of acedia — also called the noonday demon — is the one that causes the most serious trouble of all…He makes it seem that the sun barely moves, if at all, and…he instills in the heart of the monk a hatred for the place, a hatred for his very life itself.”

…we asked a simple question: “What things have helped you cope and battle your depression?” Here’s what their answers revealed — most of the activities that helped were repetitive tasks that could be done daily or weekly. Things like serving within their community, writing, journaling, yoga, exercise, cleaning, or several other mundane or repetitive activities.

May be relevant to folks who follow me.


So FUCKING CAPITALISM just tricked me into buying some Keebler’s Sugar Wafers because the visible part of the package in the vending machine said it was 150 calories, but once I had it in my hands the back of the wrapper said, “Oh, no that’s only if you eat just 40% of this package, the whole deal is 380.” (How is this legal?)

And of course I’ve eaten the whole thing and I swear it now feels like someone is actively drilling a couple of my front teeth.

1) People who are better at self-control actually enjoy the activities some of us resist — like eating healthy, studying, or exercising.
2) People who are good at self-control have learned better habits

This jibes with my experience. E.g., I managed ton finally work out on a regular basis when I found a good, not-stressful time to do it, and found a kind of workout that was easy to implement and that I generally enjoyed.


1. As a heart patient who has been pretty depressed about my condition’s impact on my general well-being and ability to live life, this is inspiring as hell. Cyborgs represent!

2. This is maybe the one time a YouTube ad pointed me to something amazing.