Evil Hat has released the final stretch goal from their 2013 Fate Core Kickstarter, a supplement about pulp heroes in the 1980s.

I admit, I’m kinda psyched.

This was originally teased, IIRC, way back in 2004 when Spirit of the Century first came out as a “sequel” of sorts — the Doc Savages of the pulp era make way for the Bukkaroo Banzais of the Reagan/Spielberg era. I really enjoyed SotC back in the day, but I’ll admit that the idea of this game had me way more excited.

Granted, I am a lot less interested in Fate than I was back then, so my enthusiasm is tainted a bit. Still, there are a handful of products — this, Dresden Files, Atomic Robo, and good olDiaspora — that make me want to try tackling it again.

Preorder Shadow of the Century here