Evil Hat has released the final stretch goal from their 2013 Fate Core Kickstarter, a supplement about pulp heroes in the 1980s.

I admit, I’m kinda psyched.

This was originally teased, IIRC, way back in 2004 when Spirit of the Century first came out as a “sequel” of sorts — the Doc Savages of the pulp era make way for the Bukkaroo Banzais of the Reagan/Spielberg era. I really enjoyed SotC back in the day, but I’ll admit that the idea of this game had me way more excited.

Granted, I am a lot less interested in Fate than I was back then, so my enthusiasm is tainted a bit. Still, there are a handful of products — this, Dresden Files, Atomic Robo, and good olDiaspora — that make me want to try tackling it again.

Preorder Shadow of the Century here

A great Huffpost read about life as a cable tech. The tales of America’s seedy underbelly are disturbing, as is the LGBT bigotry, but also the horrific conditions under which these people work; I’ll never give a cable guy grief again.

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I was filling out the work orders and emailing my supervisor to give him a heads-up on a possible call from a member of every cable tech’s favorite rage cult, when his wife knocked on my van window. She stepped back and called me “ma’am.” Which was nice. Her husband with the tucked-in polo shirt had asked my name and I told him Lauren. He heard Lawrence because it fit what he saw and asked if he could call me Larry. Guys like that use your name as a weapon. “Larry, explain to me why I had to sit around here from 1 to 3 waiting on you and you show up at 3:17. Does that seem like good customer service to you, Larry? And now you’re telling 7 to 10 days? Larry, I’m getting really tired of hearing this shit.” Guys like that, it was safer to just let them think I was a man.

She said she was sorry about him. I said, “It’s fine.” I said there really wasn’t anything I could do. She blinked back the flood of tears she’d been holding since God knows when. She said, “It’s just, when he has Fox, he has Obama to hate. If he doesn’t have that …” She kept looking over her shoulder. She was terrified of him. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I just need him to have Fox.” I got out of my van.