#10RPGs — 10/10 Hilarity — Call of Cthulhu Back in high school, I ran CoC once — once. My friends were way less interested in the game than I was, but they gave it a shot. After making characters and bumbling for a while through the scenario I’d bought, there came the SAN roll that ended the game. See, when you fail a SAN roll, sometimes you don’t go insane but you do get some sort of insight. In the course of investigating the disappearance of a number of young girls — why is it always young girls? — our intrepid academics stumble upon a pile of rotting corpses in a cave. SAN roll! They fail but only lose a few points. The insight I gave them: “You realize that these are bodies of the missing girls.” My players start laughing maniacally and start jumping around the game table, saying, “THE SKY IS BLUE! THE SKY IS BLUE! NOOOOO!” And that was the last time I ran CoC for probably another decade or so. Ref: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+BrandRobins/posts/QQexibUjjMV

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  1. < ![CDATA[Then again, I ran CoC not long out of high school and one session got derailed by people talking about a local head shop that had opened up and it had a wall of dildos and a wall of bongs. Pretty soon the players were just at the table chanting "dildo dildo bong, dildo bong, dildo bong." So.]]>

  2. < ![CDATA[I played Call once. We played the “Trail of Tsathoggua” (I’m not checking if I spelled that right) adventure. My first character failed a dex check and died in the first hour of play. I made a replacement, and he died within ten minutes of play. I never tried that game again.]]>

  3. < ![CDATA[Mark Delsing Glad we have the same goal there. I also invested in the HPLHS Masks prop kit to really make the campaign pop. I tell myself this is to keep me motivated to actually run it. Though, my shelves of unplayed RPGs indicate otherwise.]]>