Chicago Gameday 50 was this past Saturday. Here’s a quick recap.
I played two games ta Gameday: The Clay That Woke and Action Movie World. It was my second time playing the former, first time the latter.
Tim Koppang ran TCTW for me, Dave Michalak, Nathan Paoletta, and Josh Brining. I’d previously played TCTW with Tim at another Gameday, so while I still have not read my copy, I was coming into the game with some basic aptitude. The web of stories that emerged centered around all of our minotaurs being sent on errands by our Decadent human masters that intersected around a number of women who were being betrayed or disposed of in various repugnant manners.
My love for this game continues to grow. Having used the Krater of Lots before, I was able to “game” the Inflections a little better, which definitely put me more at ease. Also, Tim really hammered on the “oppressed minority” aspect of minotaurs in the setting, which was wonderfully tragic and frustrating in a good way. It also finally dawned on me how deeply Paul Czege has embedded the contradictory nature of Silence, like how characters refresh their tokens — e.g., “Never talk about your emotions” vs. “Refresh [x] whenever you talk about your emotions to a leader minotaur.” I love it! Some aspects of the setting are a little phantasmagoric for my taste, but that won’t stop me from running this.
Oh, and, yes, I did play “Welcome to the Jungle” when Nathan’s minotaur broke Silence and ran off into the trees, thankyouveyrmuch.
Megan Pedersen ran Action Movie World for me, Joe Beason, and three other non-G+ peeps. I was really looking forward to this one as the concept is brilliant and Ian Williams is the best. We ended up playing out a Trek-like B-movie about defeating a horde of invading aliens; our ship was the U.S.S. Offensive. 😁
Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite connect with this one. It may have been my waning energy levels, or it may have been that the three other folks playing seemed… well, not turtling, but sort of low-energy and not really fully playing into the meta-framework of the game. They didn’t really react to the content the way I expected them to, and the ideas I was coming up with either jarred with theirs or felt too little, too late. This is no fault of Megan’s; she is a great GM and her love for bad cinema made her perfect for the role in AMW. And Joe did a wonderful job, as he always does.
It may just be that PbtA and I don’t get along, or that I just don’t grok it yet. They’ve been very hit-or-miss for me. I don’t know if I’m just supposed to talk until someone tells me I trigger a move (the “conversation”) or if I should be gunning for specific moves (which is what it felt like Joe was doing). I dunno, maybe I’ll figure it out someday. I’m definitely still interested in trying AMW again.
Oh, and pictured below are both the ever-lovely Tim K. in one of the official Gameday 50 t-shirts, and the lovely dice cake that Joe baked for us. In the background, you can see half of the cupcakes that Laurie and Kelly Johnson brought. Not pictured are the, like, 30 chocolate eclairs that Dave M. contributed. So many baked goods!


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  1. do things in line with the genre. That genre emulation is key. You got to do stuff, and it has to be the game’s stuff. I tend to look for ways to make moves happen, because I like to make the lights and sirens go on when I slap the buttons. #monkeybrain Also, I hadn’t played this game before, and I’m not a big action movie buff, so letting the moves guide me helped me get the tone right.]]>