I finally got around to season three of Supergirl. Thoughts after the break.









Stuff I liked:
Melissa Benoist, as usual; she is a joy to watch
J’onn and his dad (no, you’re crying)
Alex’s whole arc with Maggie and motherhood
Crisis on Earth -X (Benoist and Gustin on the same screen is pure magic)
Winn’s episode (arguably my favorite of the season)
Lena Luthor
The Legion of Superheroes
The overall woke-ness of the series
The Davners Sisters, teen detectives
Adrian Pasdar, who is great at playing guys you hate

Stuff I didn’t like so much:
The whole Reign storyline and its associated religious/magic mumbo-jumbo
The forced intrusion of Sam and Ruby as characters who we are now supposed to love as much as the main cast
Guardian, as always
Erica Durance replacing the former actress playing Alura (the forced-ness of it, not that it’s Durance; she’s great)
Alura and Kara being so damn stoic with each other despite the miracle of finding each other again
Mon-El being back but being all grim and sad all the time
People being sad about people having to go back to the future or to Argo, despite the fact that apparently, it’s really easy to travel back and forth — seriously, Win and Mon-El, just come back to ten seconds after you left.


8 thoughts on “I finally got around to season three of Supergirl. Thoughts after the break.

  1. Robert Bohl Yup. Maybe it’s because it’s a 23-episode season and I’m getting too used to Netflix-style 10-13 episode seasons, but what started as charming got very tired. Like, how many times are we going to see Ruby mope and then learn to like the adult that’s taking care of her this week?

    That and all the times someone who’s, by the show’s timeline, known Sam and Ruby for like two weeks saying “You’re family!”

  2. Aside: I would so have loved and episode dedicated to Kara re-bonding with Alura, set on earth.

    Alura: “Wait. We can fly? I can lift a car over my head?”

    Kara: “Yup!”