42 thoughts on “Anyone heard of this one? It sounds like the unofficial Veronica Mars rpg.

  1. Having just binged all three seasons I’d be totally stoked.

    But 1) ashcan, 2) PbtA, and 3) invent the mystery as you go.

    For $5 it’s probably worth checking out the PDF, but unless it’s jaw droppingly brilliant, #3 is probably a deal breaker for me.

    The thing I loved most about the season long mysteries in VM is they felt legit. Like they had the crime and clues and maybe a couple of backup variants just in case, but they knew the arc from the first. Lost style mysteries: “we don’t really know, we’ll just keep throwing out stuff and hope it clicks somehow” doesn’t really do it for me.

  2. I saw it when it was first being hyped, probably in the GenCon lead-up, but passed because ashcan. I’ve got so many finished games that I can’t even manage to read them all, let alone get them all to the table, so I just can’t make time for unfinished ones.

  3. I’m a massive fan of VM and Riverdale and even iZombie sometimes. Bubblegumshoe hits the right notes, but it’s still gumshoe. It has some really cool social management bits.

    But We Used to be Friends does it better, IMO. You create your town and neighborhood collaboratively, which is wonderful, but where it really shines IMO is the handling of Clues.

    There are moves for gaining clues and spending them, but one of the core rules is you can’t make two moves back to back. The play style seems to encourage different players angling for different suspects to be the ultimate wrongdoer, and you can place your clues on suspects until one of them gets .

    If you don’t like collaborative “make up the mystery as you solve it” games, ala Noirlandia, you won’t like this.