6 thoughts on “Just curious: has anyone here played or read Impulse Drive? If so: please tell me about your experience.

  1. I have read it. I think the preview materials may be on dtrpg still.

    To me it feels big. Like a wide-open, “do anything” game. It doesn’t hit my buttons all that much because I seek out more focused games these days.

    I also remember it having a LOT of moves

  2. It’s well-made. Author has been at it for what, two or thre years now? He keeps refining it, too. As far as sci-fi PbTA this is a LOT better than Scum and Villainy. It’s as fun as Uncharted Worlds, only in different ways.

  3. I skimmed through it a while ago and remember there being some smart design in place. The job and payment cycle was smooth.
    There was a ton of moves, the drive-thru updates I get emailed suggest they’ve been consolidated a little. Not that I’m against lots of moves, they lent the game focus.

    The graphic design, art, and fonts aren’t great. Hopefully the Kickstarter improves that.