We’re so close guys!

I don’t have many followers. Like, at all. I gotta count on the cool kids like you all to reshare.

There are a few games out there that do scoundrel space opera. Lots of them do it well. But they don’t do sci-fi like this.

This game does things different by doing hard sci-fi debtrunning with modern mechanisms and philosophies.

It’s more than just D&D or [insert indie hack here] in space. It’s fucking spot on hard science fiction, designed to be science fiction, that you don’t even have to try very hard to get science fiction results with.

Free Spacer is IMO the best hard sci-fi game you can get your hands on.

I wholeheartedly believe that.

But we need this Kickstarter to fund first.

We need just under $4,000 in 3 days to cross the finish line and get this game printing and available.

Help us out.

Disclaimer: I did not work on this game. I am close friends with Christoph and Lisa, and I have had the privilege to playtest the game and do a little art for them. I don’t just want this to succeed to help out some friends. I really believe in this game.


10 thoughts on “We’re so close guys!

  1. I wish I understood why this one is struggling to fund. It seems cool and has some good names in the stretch goals (which rules out cult of personality a bit).

    But even I was sort of “meh” on backing it. I’m currently up to the level I’m comfortable with, but I’m not crazy into it like I’ve been with other things.

    Is this Kickstarter fatigue?

  2. I looked at this and thought it looked fairly cool – but wondered why I’d play it, specifically, over, say, Traveller, which has a tonne of readily accessible background and stuff already available… there just doesn’t seem to be a unique selling point, if that makes sense.