8 thoughts on “Title

  1. “Getting”? My dear chap, this is Plebe Control 101 in real-time. It’s absolutely vital that those unwashed semi-persons who are not of deserving rank fear and hate each other, lest we find ourselves out of our rightful place at the top of the food chain. The Fourth Estate is so very useful when it remembers whose hand is on its leash. Why, just see how swiftly so many have been convinced that skill and knowledge are immaterial! And even if you were to quote me with intent to demonstrate the wickedness of our continued Providence-granted dominion, I would but have to accuse you of being a liberal, or a cuckservative, or slap some similarly ridiculous and oversimplified label to render your statement invalid in the eyes of our usefully stupid pawns. This is how we maintain control.

    You aren’t recording this, are you?