20 thoughts on “Just FYI, this stuff sucks.

  1. Oh, does it? I have some original but haven’t tried it yet. I like their vanilla quite a bit though – closer to the thickness and flavor of dairy half & half. Some none-dairy half & half attempts might as well be milk they’re so thin, even if the flavor’s okay. So far my favs are Ripple Vanilla and the soy creamers I’ve tried, though they make my coffee taste nutty. Not bad, just different.

  2. Rachel E.S. Walton I’m pretty picky about milk stuff (I grew up on a farm and raised dairy cows, so I mostly drank whole milk fresh out the cow for a large part of my life, and still drink whole now if I drink cow milk), and I liked that the regular Ripple was not super gritty like some of the nut milks, and it was thicker, but it didn’t have that slippery texture like soy has. It’s close to like a 2% milk, rather than skim, from my perspective.

  3. Rachel E.S. Walton WALTON! YOU’RE ALIVE!

    So far the only creamer that I genuinely enjoy is soy creamer, e.g., Silk or Organic Valley. Other ones I’ve tried either dilute the coffee too much or else taste nothing like cream.

    It’s too bad that they don’t make cashew creamer, because cashew milk is great — it’s also one of the best milk substitutes for baking/cooking.