18 thoughts on “Lex Arcana Quickstarter Set is free to download: bit.ly/ActaArcana

  1. I, of COURSE, own the original version.

    Setting: Yay!
    Ruleset: Yuck!
    Setting-rules interaction: I was promised James Bond in mystic Rome, this is D&D with Barbarians!

    It was, of course, more than 20 years ago. For the time and age it was quite brave and innovative in setting and ruleset, and even if the ruleset didn’t go where it should have, they tried something different from changing the size of the die from twenty sides to ten or six.

    I’m more on the line of “take FATE: Eagle Eyes and go with it”, but the nostalgia factor is huge and if he really updated the ruleset to a more modern level…

    ETA: I still have to read the quickstart. I will. Let me know if you are interested in me telling how it compares with the old version.