Why Amazon is not considering a series about Bandobras “Bullroarer” Took is beyond me.

This article downplays Aragorn’s importance in the trilogy a bit more than I think is warranted, but I agree that Young Aragorn sounds like a total snoozer of a series. You could get the same basic thing in Beren and Luthien and it would be a thousand times more interesting.

h/t to Michael Miller

Amazon’s Proposed ‘Lord of the Rings’ Series Misses the Point of Middle-Earth

24 thoughts on “Why Amazon is not considering a series about Bandobras “Bullroarer” Took is beyond me.

  1. Ironically, the Young Aragorn story of the books would be much more interesting than one spun out of the movies. In the movies, Aragorn is still coming to terms with the kingship, but in the books, he already had his character arc and he’s already dedicated to his cause (and thus the coming to grips would make for good tv drama).

    Me, I’d set the series during the fall of Arnor. It’s a great tragic story, and it would allow the showrunners to show places like Weathertop/Amon Sul in their prime, without taking it so far away from the time period of LotR as to alienate casual fans.

  2. Mark Delsing except, as I said, it alienates casual fans. The movies are getting dated now, but they still have a lot of cultural cachet, and your best bet to bring those viewers in is to make sure that a lot of what you can show them can be tied to things they already know.

  3. Adam D But my thinking is that given they will cast a new actor anyway, and given the distance from the films, it’s essentially a new character for most of their target audience.

    But I could be wrong. I certainly hope they make a good show, regardless of subject.

  4. I dunno. Using just my dad as a possible viewer: he LOVED the movies. Never read the books. He would be perfectly happy to have a new actor in the role of Young Aragorn, and no matter what, he would need some signposts for him to know when the action was and who these characters were in relationship to the films. Beren and Luthien would be just some random fantasy to him, and he probably wouldn’t even give it a chance.