The old Democratic Party is, in short, the refusal to see that we live in a time of emergency. It is the insistence on business as usual, trusting a leadership of octogenarian millionaires to mind the store. It is Obama’s faith that our institutions will endure, that this too shall pass, and that we can afford to wait that long. It means fearing the left more than the right—or more accurately, fearing the perception of being seen as too far left, in the foolish hope of fostering an era of bipartisanship that will never come. It is, after every setback and failure, looking for a cartoon villain on the fringe left, like Jill Stein, rather than blaming the bungled campaign of Hillary Clinton, much less the millions of mostly white Americans—our friends, family, and neighbors—who chose to vote, whether out of pique or enthusiasm, for Trump.

Who’s Afraid of Ocasio-Cortez?