When I took off his clothes he was full of dirt and lice. It seemed like they had not bathed him the 85 days he was away from us…. M. is not the same since we were reunited. I thought that, because he is so young he would not be traumatized by this experience, but he does not separate from me. He cries when he does not see me.

This is as a result of choices me and my fellow citizens made around voting. Voting has consequences. This is our fault for failing to appreciate the very obvious outcome of that election.

During this same conversation one of the officers asked me ‘In Guatemala do they celebrate mother’s day?’ When I answered yes he said, ‘Then Happy Mother’s Day,’ because the next Sunday was Mother’s day. I lowered my head so that my daughter would not see the tears forming in my eyes.

Stick your nose in these stories. Breathe them in. Do your penance. And then, make change.

When I first spoke with ICE officers, they told us, ‘Why did you come from your country?’, ‘Don’t you know that we hate you people?’, ‘We don’t want you in our country.’

This is what our fellow citizens think of a woman fleeing to stop her cousin from raping her children and dismembering her. They tell her we hate her. And our policy proves that. We care more about making ourselves feel special and important than the lives of children. We care more about remaining politically pure and voting our conscience, as though we’re not responsible when our selfish actions hurt others.

The officers said that the children would not return. One said ‘It is the price to pay for crossing the border. We do this so that when you return to your countries you do not return, and so you tell your relatives not to come because we will take your children from you.’ I do not know where my son is.

These fuckers are gleeful at how they’re hurting people. And this is our fault. Yours and mine. And especially those others who decided it wasn’t important to vote, or vote carefully, or educate ourselves.

When we arrived to the United States on May 18, the officers said… when would we stop coming? [and] that it would be better if a bomb were set off in our countries….

The message of our nation and our leaders is consistent with what these evil scumfucks tell these poor people. Our country would much rather poor people die out of our sight than help people who are so desperate they’re willing to risk death and degradation to make their and their children’s lives better.

While I was in the icebox, I was able to talk to an officer and I told him that I was afraid of returning to Honduras for the reasons I have stated. He told me I was going to be deported without my son. He told me I would be able to ask for my son 45 days after arriving in Honduras. Upon hearing this, I knelt down crying. The officer only laughed.

What kind of monster does that?

An American one. We have taken a massive shit in our nation’s soul. All because evil fuckwads wanted to hurt people, and many people were too cool to vote for the only alternative.

We will never live this down. Ever. I am disgusted in my home.

ICE Officers to Asylum Seekers: ‘Don’t You Know That We Hate You People?’

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  1. Hillary won three million more votes nationwide. This was a matter of the distribution of the electoral college and specifically laws passed to suppress minority voting. So much blame should accrue to the gerrymandering policymakers for suppressing the rights of citizens who are poor, the wrong color, or what have you…all in the name of solving a problem that effectively does not exist.

    That said, higher turnout might have changed all that. Remember that this is why they destroyed ACORN…