In case any of you haven’t seen this, you all should consider backing Champions Now by Ron Edwards! With only 4 days to go, the project still needs a little love to get funded!

As many of you already know, Ron is probably the biggest role-playing nerd I’ve met. He just loves RPGs, and honestly wants to help others experience better play. And it is to this end that I know Champions Now is a labor of love for him.

Champions is a superhero RPG first released in the early ’80’s. Though later editions would embrace the Hero system, early Champions was a different beast—one that held tremendous potential for dramatic play in surprisingly innovative ways.

Ron’s goal with Champions Now is to streamline the rules and present a “best practices” document for unlocking the potential of the game. Ron is also working to include backers of the project into the development process, with the goal of using feedback from backers to improve the game.

So check it out!