This week Family Movie Night™️ was Disney’s Tarzan.

Leaving aside the problematic aspects of both Burroughs’ Tarzan and a film set in Africa featuring an all-white cast, I really enjoyed this one. It was much more fun than I remembered (I last saw it in theaters). The hybrid real/computer animation is fantastic and the voice acting is great — Minnie Driver and Brian Goddamn Blessed stand out in particular, though Rosie O’Donnel is pretty fun, too.

I’ll also admit that the early scenes of Tarzan’s origin and discovery by Kala (Glenn Close) had me tearing up. I guess it triggered both my parental feels and my own having-lost-a-mom feels.

And, sue me, but Phil Collins sure can write some catchy tunes.

Strangely, I think a lot of the film went over my son’s head. He was asking a lot of questions and couldn’t seem to keep everyone’s names straight. That said, the gorilla and monkey antics had him in stitches.