20 thoughts on “Playing one of those wacky FFG dice RPGs for the first time. “Rich dice” is an understatement.

  1. It’s takes a bit gettng used to them, but I love having to make up advantage, disadvantage, despair and glory results at the drop of a hat. (The default result options provided by the system aren’t great and are often better ignored or used as guidelines.)

  2. Yes! Tomorrow at our Playing in Public game day for Corridor Games on Demand we will have three GMs on hand to run three different settings using the Genesys system: Tannhauser (weird war), a Fallout adaptation of the Android setting, and an urban fantasy mashup of Witch Hunter Robin (anime) and Night Watch (the Russian films/books) we’re calling Shadow Hunters.

  3. Love the concept a lot more than the special dice execution. I’m hoping that FFG or other companies work on evolving it to be more streamlined.

    I worked on a decent conversion for the dice system over to using Fudge/Fate dice because I hate doing so much subtraction with the dice in the heat of a tense encounter. I’m probably going to buy the App if I run anything more than one session with so many symbols to track.

    That said, I’m looking forward to running it tomorrow. Have fun with Genesys and keep us posted! 🙂