The Onion literally joked about this in 2013:

Republicans are fucking insane. They cannot be trusted.

26 thoughts on “The Onion literally joked about this in 2013:

  1. Anything they want to do in a school for security they should have to do in their own workplace for two years first. Arm congress and senate during debate.

    I’m even okay with auto-loading rifles designed for convenient urban and indoor use in this context. With the best tactical sights money can buy.

  2. Mark Delsing no idea if you got the chance to red this article on not, but one of the points it makes is really interesting – “After decades of anti-union attacks, the liberal-left landscape is largely barren of mass organizations that provide services and leadership opportunities comparable to what the NRA offers.” And after reading a bit more into this, it’s not about the money that NRA donates, but the voting base it commands that centrist / right leaning politicians are afraid to piss off. – “Blood Money” and Mass Membership

  3. Radek Drozdalski Good point. They still spend a lot of money, though, as the article also admits.

    I think the (alt-)Right as a whole generally benefits from powerful, well-organized, uh, organizations that the Left simply lacks — as the article states. The Left has no NRA, no Breitbart, no Fox News, no Koch Brothers, etc.