I, and millions of Americans, the majority in fact who didn’t want this man in office, are stuck with him. He’s not going anywhere and there’s noting we can do about it for three more years. I am so disgusted and furious with this country and our leadership in a way I have never been before. Our feckless leaders, our occasionally fawning press, the sheer racist fools who voted for him, all of that stupidity and laziness and entitlement that I have always disliked about America finally manifested itself in a super bug of a president that is making us all sick every time he opens his mouth. There was nothing to gain from the State of the Union, nothing to fear and nothing to analyze in depth. However this is something to rage about. This country is going straight to Trumpian hell, and nobody, not the Democrats, not the Republicans, and not the 38 percent of Americans who still believe in this man will take responsibility when we hit rock bottom.

That, is something worth being angry about.