On Sunday I spent an hour and a half gaming online for fifteen minutes.

For various reasons — COUGH MadJay Brown COUGH — we could not use Skype and turned to Appear.in. While simple to use, it was only really working for two of us. The GM, unfortunately, kept sliding out of sync; we’d get his video 5–10 seconds before his audio, and then eventually his audio went from robot voice to totally dead, and we just called it.

The gaming gods really don’t want me to play this month.

30 thoughts on “On Sunday I spent an hour and a half gaming online for fifteen minutes.

  1. I’m sorry, I should’ve been clearer from the beginning. I have a hard time stopping myself from interrupting people, and I have host of tricks and skills I’ve learned in person to avoid or mitigate this tendency. When you add the time delays, the lack of a full view of someone’s face, and probably uncountable other things missing from Internet interactions, that tendency is exacerbated.

    Plus other people are more likely to do it for the above reasons.

  2. I’ve used zoom with the Actual Play folks on twitch and it also performed flawless. I suspect the hotel I was in this weekend was blocking the Skype app. It never even got to the login screen without connection errors.

  3. I feel you on the tech side. We keep bouncing around, but are all based in the US, so it’s not super problematic. Hangouts has always worked well. Discord, less so. Never used Skype.

    I’ve considered getting a paid account on some video conferencing app made for companies just to try it out.

    Re: interruptions (Robert Bohl), I actually like that. It helps keep dominating players from dominating and lets quieter players get as much emphasis. In games I play, we use some sort of chat channel for off-handed interruptions or asides that don’t matter much. So Alice is talking about something, and Bob types “oh man, that sounds just like “. Alice may or may not see it, but it doesn’t break her stride.

  4. Appear.in was that the video stream and the chat were all in the same window, visible side-by-side. I have no idea how to do that in Skype. (Skype’s service may be great, but its UI suuuuuucks.)]]>