My family has been slowly — very slowly — making our way through the ’70s Wonder Woman TV series with the beloved Lynda Carter.

And it’s just awful.

The first season was campy fun that I was happy to watch binge-style. The corny scripts and non-budget seemingly fit the Golden Age, WW2 setting, and the core cast was good at what they did.

But now we’re in the second season, and it is such a slog that we need to take long breaks between episodes. It’s like they identified everything that worked in season one and specifically removed… all of it. The whole concept of the IADC — a team of, what, three people who get briefed by the President himself — is just weak, as are all the rando Bond-knockoff terrorists they face.

When we started, I was worried that my nostalgic crush on Ms. Carter would be ruined by seeing her poor acting, but, honestly, I can’t really fault her. She’s no Meryl Streep, but honestly, these scripts are so bad that she doesn’t even stand a chance.

And, sweet jeebus, Lyle Waggoner deserves a goddamn medal for the intensely crappy lines that he consistently delivers with utter sincerity. He is earning that paycheck every episode.

Plus, it’s also sad to see how much weight they obviously forced Carter to lose between the seasons. She was pure amazon awesomeness in season one, but I guess that wasn’t good enough. That conversation with the producers must have been awful.

I dunno. It could be it was just the ’70s, as every other superhero TV show of the era was similarly awful, IIRC. At least Bill Bixby got decent scripts.

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  1. Cathy and I started watching it after the WW movie came out and I just stopped after the 4th ep or so. I just couldn’t take it. Cathy kept watching without me for a while but has sort of trailed off in favor of watching Bones.

  2. Robert Bohl yep – they 2nd and 3rd seasons were reset to be in the 70s. There’s a few of these classic shows where the first seasons are great, but then the network pushed them to have a broader appeal or something, and ruins it.

  3. Space: 1999, while similarly campy, had a bunch of neat, big-thinking stuff in the first season, all of which was obliterated in the second. The doctor goes from being a dedicated surgeon who shies from nothing if there’s a life to be saved — to being a wilting lilly. The philosophical poet-scientist is eradicated in favor of a hot shape changer with no explanation. The “It would be a catastrophe if we used violence” plots give way to dumb explosions. The command room, at first a big, open conference space, turns inexplicably into a forward-facing starship bridge even though they’re on the Moon.

    My understanding is that many of the changes were to satisfy “fans”.

    Those guys are the WORST.