60 thoughts on “I just watched three episodes of Black Mirror and now I feel kind of sick.

  1. I watched the Callister one and thought it was well done and didn’t regret it, but I have no desire to watch others. My mom was super into the Twilight Zone and Night Gallery and The Outer Limits when I was a kid. I’ve seen enough of the genre to know it’s not my thing.

  2. Pretty much. For me, that makes it like a lot of classic science fiction, exploring how technology interacts with the worst of human nature. Film noir is my jam, so I’m used to that sort of lens. Not sure what that says about me… :p

  3. Seasons one and two were bleak commentaries on how humanity and technology’s impact on it. Seasons three and four have endings that are actually positive/uplifting. Darker than Twilight Zone, it crosses lines you didn’t think would be crossed. It certainly hits a specific nerve.

  4. They are mostly bleak (not quite all, but predominantly). But I don’t agree they’re (all) about how awful people are, more they’re about how awful aspects of our culture are. Then again, I haven’t seen the early ones for a while.

  5. Tim Koppang I sympathize. The first episode still has me queasy, but the second one (Merits) has me horrified because it’s so spot-on. It’s like what Zuckerberg probably thinks about when he masturbates.

  6. Dave Michalak I keep finding myself saying something during the show and that left turn hits hard. I felt so bad for the kid in the cyberblackmail story the whole episode. And I couldn’t imagine why her husband would turn down crossing over to San Junipero.

  7. I binge watched seasons 1-3. Not sure what that says about me. I didn’t come out feeling bad, although each episode had a heavy weight to it. I felt the message in 1.1 was flawed. It seemed the writers were saying “you know you’d all watch.” I can unequivocally say no I would not.

  8. I’m really enjoying the latest season, but it feels like they’ve sanded off the rough edges a bit, like it isn’t quite so savage as previous seasons. It’s still bleak, but a little less nipple-twistingly so. Which might be a good thing for you? Maybe worth skipping ahead.