Okay, I think I’m all ready for my Champions 3rd Ed. game tomorrow.

This is the first Champions silhouette I’ve colored in about 25 years. All I had available were my son’s colored pencils, so those plus some fine Sharpie and I produced this. Since we’re embracing the old school, I figured coloring a costume for my PC was a must.

Honestly, it was therapeutic​.

(The silhouette is from one of the character sheets in the 3rd Ed. rulebook.)

28 thoughts on “Okay, I think I’m all ready for my Champions 3rd Ed. game tomorrow.

  1. So, supercop from the future here hunting temporal fugitives? I like that he has both bad luck due to spacetime anomalies, and good luck represented by his busted supercomputer.

    Dammit now i want to play a supers game.

    Oh wait, i always want to play a supers game.

  2. Dave Michalak Not so much a super cop, though I didn’t even realize that the blue/black costume totally has that vibe.

    He’s more like a Kyle Reese, sent into the past to prevent a dystopia from arising, but unfortunately his tech has been scrambled enough by the trip that he’s not sure exactly what he needs to do to accomplish his goal. So, he’s doing as much good as he can until he can figure it out.

  3. Damn, Dave Michalak, I also just realize that in our first session, we established that our PCs are working with the Kansas City police, and that police violence, especially in the #BlackLivesMatter sense, is going to be a big theme in the game. Now the cop angle you spotted is even more relevant.

    Thank you!