18 thoughts on “Hay Paul Beakley I didn’t know you were writing for Fria Ligan now.

  1. There are times I wish they would take their time with the translations. Sometimes it seems like a lot of nuance is lost for the sake of quick delivery. I feel like the reader of a genre novel that releases a new book every year and wishing the writer would let the books cook for longer.

  2. Aaron Griffin notice he conveniently clipped the image right where that list appears.

    He did the same thing with Coriolis.

    Because Mark hates fun. And straight answers. And hasn’t wondered why he loves Champions despite a rather conspicuous lack of clear direction. (You do superhero shit!)

    XOXO Mark! 😃

  3. OMFG I can’t believe you guys need a book to tell you how to roleplay.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to pop open Excel so I can figure out how to shave off some points so I can boost my PC’s Energy Defense in time for my game on Sunday.