#12rpg Question 11: Talk about a particular, stand-out, positive experience of play (rather than running) an RPG in 2017. What was it? What was so good about it?

This is both hard and easy, as I only gamed nine times in 2017, and was a player in five. So, very small sample upon which to draw.

I will give the nod to the first session of the Champions, 3rd Ed. game I am playing with MadJay Brown.

First off, Jay is a great GM, end of story. The pacing of that first session was particularly good. Jay did this flashback/forward thing where my PC alternated between a running firefight and the​ post-mission psych eval. Very cool technique.

Second, it was nice to geek out over HERO together. We are both on the same page in our unabashed love for the system, plus we are both supers RPG nerds. It’s great. We were also making the same mistakes together as we re-acclimatized to the rules, which, if you’re going to make mistakes, is a great way to do it.

Third, it proved to me that my HERO love is not pure nostalgia. The specific edition we used has a lot of gas left in the tank. Ron Edwards is spot-on in his affirmation that 3rd is the best iteration of the system.

This, of course, has me off on a journey rediscovering games of similar vintage, HERO or otherwise. I’d call this era “second wave” design; post-“Old School” ’80s but still before everything went to shit.

Fourth, it was also the first one-on-one gaming I’ve done since I was in high school. I thought it was going to feel odd, but it didn’t. It felt pretty natural. Never having to share the spotlight and being focused 100% of the time is, to me, refreshing.

So, thank you, Jay!

These two films re-center the Christmas story in a way that strips all of the trappings away and shows us that American Christmas, even in our fictional lily-white conservative postwar past, was always about cash on the nail—and that we should question that fact constantly.

A great reminder why I’ve always considered It’s A Wonderful Life to be the best Christmas movie of all time. (And why a lot of other holiday films leave me cold.)

Have Yourself a Populist Christmas with It’s a Wonderful Life and The Bishop’s Wife

Jack Dorsey has promised changes to the platform before. Usually after an embarrassing episode where a celebrity gets harassed. Hey, if that’s what it takes, fine. Unfortunately, the promises quickly turn into vaporware, or smoke and mirror offers of rounded avatars, more characters to harass people with, and threading. None of which solves Twitter’s main problem, which is that it’s a nuclear bomb powered by a cowardly unprincipled boy king working part-time.

It’s time to judge Jack Dorsey by his actions and not his promises. And his actions are lacking.

Did I mention I deleted my Twitter account a few weeks ago? No? Well, I deleted my Twitter account a few weeks ago.

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The #RPG3x3 post I just wrote had me thinking more about how few “indie” RPGs are front-of-mind for me these days. I’m not sure why.

It could be that I have an outdated view of what “indie” means. Are lavish, Kickstarted games “indie”?

It could be that I’ve been thinking a lot about older games. Ones I missed out on — or didn’t understand — back in the day.

It could be that I don’t distinguish between “indie” and otherwise anymore. I approach them all with the same Forge-forged mindset and play them with the same people, so they’re all “games” to me now.


#RPG3X3 OKey-dokey, then.

3 RPGs Most Recently Played
Champions, 3rd Ed.
Translucent University

3 RPGs I’ve Enjoyed the Most
Burning Wheel
Marvel Heroic Roleplaying
Mouse Guard

3 RPGs I Want To Play
The One RIng
Ars Magica