#12rpg Question 6: Do you follow any particular RPG authors? Which RPG authors have works you admire, and what are their stand-out pieces of work?

This question seems almost too obvious, but maybe that’s my indie damage. I absolutely follow various authors: on social media, on patronage platforms, chat them up at cons, etc. Some of my best friends are RPG authors! I admire all of them for their hard work, their honed talent, and for making games I enjoy.

Maybe this question is written from a fanboi/”famous-author” perspective — If so, I don’t that no more. I mean, I used to get all palm-sweaty about Monte Cook, but them I gamed with him, realized he’s a nice guy, and also just a human being who writes games. Like everybody.

Greg Stafford is maybe the only author whose presence humbles me, but that’s okay because GREG STAFFORD IS A FREAKING GOD AND I WILL KNIFE-FIGHT YOU ON THIS. Liz Danforth, too.

So, some authors and their great works, and I’ll probably forget a bunch:

Ron Edwards and Sorcerer.
Chris Chinn and his Deeper in the Game blog (and much-missed Deep in the Game).
Paul Beakley and his Indie Game Reading Club collection here on G+.
Willow Palecek and her Apocalypse West hack, the Fastcast, and basically any GMing she does.
Tim Koppang and the insanely underrated Hero’s Banner.
luke crane and Burning Wheel.
Thor Olavsrud and Torchbearer.
Bret Gillan and The Final Girl.
Dain Lybarger and all the unsung work he’s done on Cortex games.
Steven Long and HERO; like most all of it.
Jason Morningstar and shit, you know all his games.
Cam Banks and Marvel Heroic.
Ralph Mazza and Universalis. YES, I SAID UNIVERSALIS, RALPH.
Vincent Baker yadda, yadda, yadda.
Paul Czege and The Clay That Woke.
WJ MacGuffin and like, all the stuff he’s written.
Steve Hickey and more-people-need-to-play-this Left Coast.
Phil Kalata and lots of work on Friefly.
Ian Cooper and Heroquest in Glorantha.
Judd Karlman and, yes, Dictionary of Mu.
Michael Miller and With Great Power.
Jeff Dee for the love of god.
Brad Murray and Diaspora.
James V West and the seminal The Pool.
Matt Wilson and Primetime Advenutres
Ben Robbins and Kingdom.
Allen Varney because everyone should be following Allen Varney.
Michael Prescott and his kickass dungeon/maps.
Rachel E.S. Walton and Long Orbit and mad Burning Wheel skillz.
Robert Bohl and Misspent Youth, dammit.

And, yes, there are far too few women on this list. I’m working on it.

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