Okay, I guess I’m doing the #12RPG challenge by Paul Mitchener!

Question 1: 1st to 2nd December
You’re running an RPG to introduce new players to the RPG hobby this month. Which game and genre do you choose, and why?

I would talk to these new players and find out what it is they want to play. I’m going to assume they are interested in RPGs, and not that I am trying to sell them on RPGs as a whole, which seems a largely untenable situation.

E.g., my wife has tried a few RPGs with me, and she is largely uninterested in them. But man, offer up a chance to play Wonder Woman (true story) or Buffy (ditto), and she is all Yes, please, when the hell do we start?

Granted, if their answer is non-specific (e.g., “superheroes”), I’ll try and pick something with a minimal learning curve. Mostly, I would avoid any game that forces players to un-learn genre assumptions and replace them with game requirements. I.e., I would not play Champions with newbies.

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