Hey! I saw The Last Jedi today. IMO it was really good. Not Rogue One good, or even The Force Awakens good, but really good.

I agree with complaints it was too long. I felt it was slow to start and kind of meanders.









The whole “Monte Carlo Planet” plot with Finn felt really dumb to me. And it turns out to be a red herring, so really Finn could have sat in his bunk and the rest of the movie wouldn’t have changed. Del Toro was the only plus here, as was introducing the idea of how rich people suck. He was a nice “anti-Han” scoundrel. I just wish they could have found a different vector to introduce him.

Oh, and Rose was pretty cool.

The planet itself was also prequel-level cringeworthy. Too like normal earth. Ugh.

It also felt bizarre seeing Laura Dern in this movie, for some reason. I’m not sure why she was in an evening dress, either. Again, this was mostly about showing Poe humility, and I get that, but I just didn’t buy her.

Otherwise I loved what they did with the Force, and Rey and Kylo, etc.

The final battle was great! The blood-red salt planet was a great nod to Hoth, and the canyon run a cool nod to RotJ.

I also love that Rey’s parents are no one special. Best possible outcome for that mystery.

So, I enjoyed it, especially the second half. I also think the films are in good hands, so the hateful nerds can suck it.

But best SW ever? Not for me. It’s maybe fourth or fifth.

“The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say”

(This arrived today.)

#12rpg Question 12: Name an RPG, setting, or adventure you haven’t run or played before, but really want to try out in 2018. What particularly appeals about it?

Games: Chaosium’s Superworld from 1983 is a game I think might possibly see some table time next year. There has also been some talk of the reviled Champions: New Millenium, which should prove interesting. And, in that vein, I recently picked up a copy of the original Fantasy HERO from 1985 that I’d like to take for a spin.

Settings: It’s my current project to earn my Tolkien merit badge, and I’m hoping that will have the side effect of spending some time in Middle-Earth, be it with The One Ring, MERP, or something else. The new RuneQuest should be out in the new year, so maybe a slight possibility of some Glorantha — but I am not holding my breath.

Adventures: My general RPG nostalgia of late also has me jazzed to play some Call of Cthulhu. Both the new Harlem Unbound and the forthcoming, revised Masks of Nyarlathotep seem to be urging me further in that direction.

There’s a distinct absence of stuff I’ve Kickstarted on this list. I’m not really sure why. I’ve posted before about getting a little fatigued of all the new shiny and wanting to take second looks at games that have sat unplayed on my shelf for, literally, decades. It’s probably that.