Moar dice posts… What do you use for dice storage? I’m specifically looking for away-from-game storage, i.e., you have so many dice that you bring only a subset with you to a game, and the rest live… where?

Right now I have an assortment of plastic boxes I got from the office store, but I’ve pretty much overflown them. Plus, I have no solution whatsoever for all of the counters/poker-chips I’ve accumulated.

Input is appreciated.

(Attached image is from an article on about using hardware storage bins for classroom supply management. I get the impression that useful solutions are going to be found outside of gaming circles, as all I’m seeing when I search within the hobby are custom $100 wood containers that are 100% impractical. FNRE.)

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  1. I own three large canisters like these. Like, really large. They aren’t particularly great if you want sorted sets, but they look cool. It’s like a candy jar filled with dice.]]>

  2. What you have pictured is the close to the amount of space I have for physical RPGs. The dice I carry around fit into a plastic case meant for print on demand card decks from DriveThruCards. The rest have sat unused in a peanut butter jar that I haven’t opened in a couple of years and will probably give away at a convention next year.

  3. John Powell I hear you. It’s like when I see people post about the Duluth Clincher bags they use for dice — which hold like, what, 400 dice or something — and all I can think is “That looks incredibly cool, but I can’t think of a single reason I would ever need to cart around that many dice.”

    I’d bet that unless a game calls for custom dice (e.g. The One RIng), I probably take the same handful of 20-30 dice to just about every game session.

    But, I ain’t throwing away the rest of them anytime soon, so…

  4. I have a dice bag per game. If I’m feeling ambitious I get a sweet greyed out bag with a design related to the game.

    Then all the bags live in one of those cloth covered collapsible cube things that exist to hide clutter.

  5. Look up containers for sewing and bead work. I picked up a cheap one from amazon with a handle, 3 layers that snap into each other and customizable sectioning inside. I actually use it more for home (and huge dice pool games like Dogs in the Vineyard) and a small dice bag for travel.

  6. Do you need storage for transport or storage for long term sorting and kept at home?

    You might want to take at art supply shops. I got a nice bag years ago designed to hold a stack of four plastic trays with optional dividers that could be used for dice (mine hold acrylic paints; but I have a second set of boxes that fit in it for card games & supplies).