Hey, I actually did some role-gaming this weekend!

Julianna Aldredge, Geoff Raye, and I started a multi-session arc of Dave Michalak ‘s in-development RPG, Translucent University. The core of the game assumes that the PCs are students/members of some sort of school/hierarchy and practice Magic/Kung-Fu/Superpowers.

We came up with a wuxia Star-Wars-meets-Kung-Fu-Panda thing where humans and “two-souled” people (furries) practice The Art in hopes of overthrowing the Evil Empire, who of course are trying to suppress The Art. Our PCs are members of The Retreat at the Top of the World (iirc), who are being sent out by the masters to get a handle on just how bad things are getting in the world at large. Will they choose to intervene? Only time will tell.

My guy is Oriel, a red panda who wields a mysterious staff of semi-technological origin. He has a twin brother (Lemuel) back home who is watching over the family farm while Oriel learns how to be badass so he can return and save them from the EE.

Dave’s game is pretty neat. Every conflict you roll some number of Fudge dice are distribute the resulting dice between (at minimum) a pair of orthogonal stakes written down on index cards. E.g., “I deliver a humiliating defeat to the bandits” and “I am gravely injured”. So, put a “+” on a card and you get the beneficial result, a “-” is the negative version, and ” ” means it’s unresolved and carries forward to future conflicts.

It’s still rough around the edges — no offense Dave! — but the brainstorming was fun, and I love the setup and my PC.

Bonus: I got to use the Short Order Heroes cards I backed in 2013. We drew from the cards throughout the session to provide inspiration as-needed, both for the situation at large and facets of our PCs. E.g., Geoff drew “Liberty” from the Motivations deck early on, and that cinched the “rebelling against the empire” framework we’re choosing to work within.

All in all, a really fun session. I’m hoping Jenn Martin and Tamora Kimmitt will be able to make it to the next session.


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  1. Craig Hatler At this session all I did was open the box and lay out the decks on the table. I think people couldn’t help but start drawing them just because they were there. And that turned out to be all we needed to do — have them nearby.