34 thoughts on “Only The Lonely: Solo Tabletop RPG’ing You’d Recommend

  1. I’m currently using Black Streams, which is the precursor to the Scarlet Heroes ruleset to play 1GM/1Player B/X D&D with my daughter and it works perfectly. I understand that Scarlet Heroes adds the capability to play solo. Sounds like fun.

    I will second (third?) the Mythic GM Emulator. There is a second volume (Mythic Variations?) which I wholeheartedly recommend. I found it a lot of fun to use. I’ve used Mythic both for solo play and also for GM less play with 2 other players. We’ve played using RISUS and FATE, but it should work equally well (I think, better) with any ruleset with statted out monsters/opponents. That reduces the time you need to come up with appropiate opposition. Just use Mythic and plug in a character, and whatever monster is appropiate to the situation and then use the Combat or Conflict resolution system that comes with whatever your main system is.