18 thoughts on “I’m gonna say it: Google should no longer be allowed to be a private company.

  1. Yeah I actually think having it somehow multinationally overseen would be ideal but I suspect that’s so unlikely or fraught in its own ways (e.g. how Interpol is used by member nations to punish political dissidents) that I think it remaining private is really the best option.

  2. Bret Gillan Yeah, I lack the language to explain what I’d like to see. Some kind of setup where they are required to make their algorithm public and be heavily regulated. Some sort of non-profit international thing.

  3. They could have an international board of directors type thing, which is imperfect but maybe better than shareholders. Maybe have both?

    I think ICANN had some kind of international oversight committee, didn’t it? To make sure one country didn’t take off running with endless dumb suffixes that IPv4 couldn’t keep up with?