22 thoughts on “I feel like there will be a new edition of Dungeon World in the not too distant future.

  1. Robert Bohl Probably not, but I feel like the timing is still right. It’s been five years, the game has seen more play than just about any indie RPG, and now BWHQ is in the mix.

    I guess I’d just be surprised if they weren’t working in a new edition.

  2. Adam has been full time twitch broadcaster for a while now, running/prepping 4 streamed campaigns concurrently. I’m not sure he’s got the time to dip back into DW. Sage Latorra had a kid last year and so that takes some time. Though I do believe Sage is working on Black Star Rises a bit, here and there.

  3. Adam’s been working on a mini-game set of rules as an alternative for the Court of Swords campaign. Two episodes of his design sessions went up on Youtube today so I’ll be watching them later this evening.