I’m a gun owner. I support hunters. I’m a veteran. I’m also in favor of strong regulations for gun ownership.

I can think of no reason for anyone outside the military to carry a firearm that holds more than 6 rounds, maybe 12 for police. No hunter needs 30 rounds rapid. No one’s home will be better protected by a spray of fully-automatic fire.

If you worry about a tyrannical government, and you want to argue that the 2nd Amendment exists to protect the people from the government, I have news for you. You won’t defeat the US Army in armed insurrection with your AR-15, or your restored BAR. They have tanks, helicopters, and drones.

If you want to stop a tyrannical government, you murder it in its crib – at the ballot box, with your votes. You vote to prevent megalomaniacs from getting into office. You vote for sensible reforms to limit authoritarian power (and yes, this means limiting police and holding them accountable when they kill people that look different from you). You vote for the expansion of our democratic values (which means things like mandatory time off to vote, universal automatic voter registration, and restoring rights to ex-convicts). These are the ways we make our society safer and more representative.

6 thoughts on “I’m a gun owner. I support hunters. I’m a veteran. I’m also in favor of strong regulations for gun ownership.

  1. This is pretty much what I’ve been saying.

    The “guns protect our rights” logic is like holding onto your gun while people walk in and out of your house, stealing your valuables (rights) – we gave up privacy, habeas corpus, the right to know why someone gets declared an enemy combatant, or if someone is simply disappeared into ICE’s detention centers, or what oversight, if any at all, actually exists, for Department of Homeland Security. The standing precedent is that police can arrest people for resisting arrest (follow the circle of logic in that one) and then murder them without punishment.

    When the only right you care about is the access to tools of violence, you’re not actually worried about citizen rights in any meaningful sense, and it says everything about why these things keep happening.

  2. Agree with mostly everything, except that we’ll be able to change things at the ballot box. Your choices are artificially limited and we have no way to confirm the fair use of the voting system. I’m not usually a pessimist, but I kinda think we’re a little screwed. Too much counter information, too much willing division amongst the people, and a generally poisoned cultural foundation. We can’t legislate gun violence to go away. It starts with parenting. The average parent in our country is pretty bad.