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  1. < ![CDATA[Robert Bohl Raggi isn't nearly the affront to humanity that Zak is, but he is a strong supporter β€” and thus enabler β€” of Zak. Ergo, fuck him and all of his products. Vincent writing something for LotFP I can basically tolerate, as Zak was a separate entity back then. But now Raggi is basically the delivery mechanism for all of Zak's creations, as well as his best-known apologist. Ergo, a generally good guy like Tweet working with him bums me the fuck out.]]>

  2. < ![CDATA[Eh. A friend gave me the Free RPG day adventure for LotFP and it was "Better than any man" where the evil is a coven of witches who create an anti-sexist & anti-racist society... and their powers come from having sex with a tentacled Elder God, hence the title. That kinda tells me everything I need to know about that game.]]>

  3. < ![CDATA[For the record, I don't feel that BTAM presents "The Seven" (the group of magic-users who have gained rulership in Karlstadt via reality altering magic), or the society that they have set up as an evil to be necessarily fought. In fact, six of the Seven are presented are fundamentally well meaning, and their use of magic an act of desperation in the face of two rampaging murdering armies that had already wiped out much of what they loved. The armies present as a far more obvious evil in the setting (along with a hidden blasphemous insect god whose cultists are running their own gambit). The text even seems to assume in a few places that players will probably want to save Karlstadt from the Swedish army, and points out how difficult that is going to be. As for the alien creatures that are the "familiars" of each of the Seven, they are presented as an assumed side effect of the reality tampering, whose meaning is left to be worked out by the players and GM. Nobody, as I recall, is implied to be having sex with them. If you are looking for some Raggi published creepy sexualized squik with no redeeming value to look askance at, I suggest Towers Two, the posthumously published Dave Brockie penned module that he did.]]>