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  1. Alan De Smet It often seems really creepy to me, especially how they treat most of the humans. There’s an episode where a train gets trapped in a cave in, and no one ever seems to notice that the engineers are trapped with it. They jus stare blankly ahead.

    Plus how the trains are constantly getting into accidents that would likely put passenger lives at risk.

  2. Patrick Marchiodi Yup.

    The standard plot is:

    Thomas is assigned a task.
    Thomas chooses not to do the task, causes some horrific accident.
    Thomas, humbled, then does the original task.
    Everyone congratulates Thomas.

    No consequences, ever.

  3. Of the old ones, there’s one where Edward is getting teased for doing a tank engine job, so FC buys Percy with a creepy request (“will you work hard for me?”) and then locks up the offending engines. Ones run late but the passengers understand the big engines are being taught a lesson.

  4. Some of the older episodes are quite horrific if you consider trains people. Henry famously got bricked into a tunnel for refusing to come out during the rain.

    Topham Hat indeed runs a pretty awful railroad with all the constant accidents. For all his self-importance, he could use some more humility and organise his trains better.

    What surprises me most is that many trains seem capable of starting and riding on their own, but somehow need human help to brake. That’s just bad design.