I want the whole world to know that Paolo Greco is loved. We stand beside you in the face of bullies, be strong, if you can – we’re always here for you.

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42 thoughts on “I want the whole world to know that Paolo Greco is loved. We stand beside you in the face of bullies, be strong, if…

  1. No, there’s no mechanism on social media to do it either. You can block someone, but that just leaves new people (the currency of social media) vulnerable and you won’t even see it happening.

    There’s also no RPG playing or designing community, so there are no informal community mechanisms either.

    A law would be the last thing I would recommend in this situation because, well, cops are cops. But there’s no other mechanisms either. There’s no player organization, no designer organization to speak of, no publisher organization to speak of, so there’s no way to do anything except turn your back and that’s completely useless and doesn’t stop anything.

    So you will tolerate it forever.

  2. People aren’t willing to confront abuse en masse when it happens, so this will just continue to be a shitty toilet bowl with no way to flush it until he moves the fuck on.

    (And leaves room for someone else just like him.)

  3. Maybe if someone who is actually an awesome person starts a blog where they get to show off their porn star girlfriends and their huge weenus while they play D&D, all the basement-dwelling shit-for-brains will flock to them instead.

  4. Because he’s Trump. I’m not saying this as like “here are two people I think are fucktards”, it’s deeper.

    See, even in Trump’s base, people view him as an acerbic asshole who says whatever he wants – his base just likes that! “I’m might not agree exactly, but he speaks his mind and I like that”

    Zak’s fans are the same “oh man, Zak said something douchey again, but he’s saying what he means!”

  5. It was never okay. Zak’s been a hateful fuck since, well, forever really. Always called it bullshit. Been blocked by him for awhile for calling him on it. In the past few weeks several people quit G+ either directly, or indirectly for Zak related reasons. This is what’s leading to this. That he’s been doing this for a long time, to people outside of the OSR and getting a pass for it is shitty. But there are many of us inside the scene that have always thought it was shit and said so. I’m just glad people are waking up now. I’ll take this any way I can get it.