16 thoughts on “How the heck did a giant like Robert Bloch manage to write such a godawful TOS episode as “Catspaw”?

  1. There was another thing going on a lot with ToS and established authors — Bloch (or Sturgeon or Ellison or whoever) would write a great story that just wasn’t Star Trek. And by the time it was (thanks to some brilliant, but often doomed, staff editing), it risked becoming just crap.

  2. Actually, Kirk’s offhand comment about how worthless all those jewels are proves that at least the core worlds of the Federation are post scarcity. One of my favorite moments in Star Trek, when it is clear that the Federation isn’t the Kennedy Administration in Space, after all.

  3. Brad Murray​ Tanya Huff’s anthology Blood Bank has an account of her experience writing an episode for the Blood Ties series. She just barely won a bet that four lines from her original script would make it into the episode.