22 thoughts on “luke crane you’ve been quoted in the Times.

  1. What?! You’ll never find a better publicist! Your impressions and engagement among millennials are spiking across several platforms thanks to my efforts in these replies. The numbers don’t lie. Let’s chat after you’ve had a chance to cool off.

  2. Keith Stetson I’ve a friend who doesn’t doubt it’s a good game, but he refuses to play it because of the title. Not because he believes invoking the name of Hitler is inherently bad but rather the “too edgy” nature of doing so. My copy of the game came with stickers to change the title to Secret Lizard (or something like that – who looks at stickers a year later?), but perhaps they should have gone with that name publicly and offered the ability to change it to the original?

  3. I guess my lack of interest in the game is just the premise: that deception is what gets us here and not just that you get racists in charge because enough people are ok with racism. I mean, he was having folks beaten at rallies while police murder folks on camera every 3 days, so… yeah, I dunno, the premise itself feels dishonest about complicity.