14 thoughts on “This has been making the rounds today, and with good reason. Looking forward to the next installment.

  1. Hate me if you wish, but BBT promotes misogyny like role-playing games promote devil worship, like Breaking Bad promotes drug culture. It’s entertainment and a key to interesting stories is flawed characters, even protagonists. I don’t need the show runners to point out that bad behavior is bad, it would ruin the entertainment value. My value of women is formed in my own beliefs, not dictated by a sitcom.

  2. I dunno about you, but i formed my early beliefs directly out of examples in pop culture, and they were totally misogynist.

    You may be special (coughnotallmencough) but i am absolutely living proof that shitty pop culture creates shitty attitudes towards women.

  3. Revenge of the Nerds passed muster when it came out (I was 13 and shouldn’t have been allowed to watch it). I knew what he did was wrong, but 13 year old me wasn’t familiar enough with the topic of rape to get it until years later. I’m not refuting that the characters on BBT are misogynistic, just that I can watch a TV show about bad people (Seinfeld) without wanting to emulate them. If so, all the Cheech & Chong I watched as a kid should have left me a burned-out stoner, instead I’ve still yet to try pot.

  4. I still don’t think the comparisons you’re making are apt. And it’s less “This one show will change you!” and more that it’s continued normalization of misogynistic behavior, but kind of disguised as “Aw, those poor nerds.”

    I posted a similar critique of the 80s-onward nerd trope a while back. I think the trope is definitely worth deconstructing, as there is some deeply messed up stuff in there.