Random peeve of the day: if someone is only able to explain an idea by using a metaphor or simile, then my takeaway is that they don’t truly understand the idea they’re trying to convey.

It’s sorta like the scene in that ’90s gem, Reality Bites, where Winona Ryder is trying to get a job as a journalist, and the woman interviewing her asks a single question: “Define irony.” As soon as Ryder starts her response with, “Well, irony is like when…” the woman bids her good day. (Later, Ethan Hawke is able to effortlessly rattle off the dictionary definition of irony, a sign that his character is wasting considerable talents.)

Caveat: I get that this is my own peeve and that people best express themselves in different ways. I have just encountered this a few times in my career, and it annoys me almost as much — but not quite — as upspeak.