So, who are the “mainstream” RPG publishers these days?

This kind of came up in William Nichols’ thread, but I figured I should stop crapping all over his lawn and extract it for discussion elsewhere.

So, by “mainstream,” I’m talking a) publishing companies, not individual creators, who b) comprise the majority of the product you will typically see on the shelves at stores (or topping the bestseller lists at sites like Amazon).




Umm, maybe…

Cubicle 7

And, maybe…

Margaret Weis Productions?
Green Ronin?

And of these, how many actually rely on the RPGs a bread-and-butter? As opposed to profits from other kinds of games that keep them afloat.

Just curious.

12 thoughts on “So, who are the “mainstream” RPG publishers these days?

  1. Based on one FLCS:: WotC.
    Based on one FLGS: WotC.
    Based on another LGS: WotC.
    Based on the Big Chain Book Store: WotC and Paizo.

    Based on the best FLGS: Pelgrane, WotC, Paizo, Fantasy Flight, Crypotzoic, Cubicle 7, Evil Hat, Green Ronin, Chaosium, Pinnacle, Monte Cook, and about 50 more 😀

  2. There has always been exactly one mainstream RPG publisher: the publisher of the Current Edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Paizo cracked into that market by being the publisher of the Penultimately Current Edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

    There is nothing else of significance, statistically, happening in the hobby.