The Mule Is Alive

(This is a campaign idea I wrote down in 2004. Sad that I assumed the teenage girl psychic trope, plus that the PCs would be all-male, but I was less enlightened then.)

In 1968, the Mule disappeared.

Omega Group is a secret organization within the US government. During the 60’s they successfully engineered a human being with psychic abilities. This person, the “Mule” escaped. It was thought that the Mule was sterile; this seems not to have been true. Human beings with psychic abilities have been popping up across the globe ever since.

Omega Group has recruited the players to form one of many teams aimed at rooting out the descendants of the Mule and keeping all psychic humans under the control of Omega Group.

Opening scene: a small jet on a secluded runway.

“Gentlemen, in approximately fifteen minutes, this plane will suffer a mechanical failure. It will explode during takeoff killing everyone on board. To avoid this fate, I suggest you all hold hands.” A teenage girl enters the passenger area and adds her hands to the circle. “I suggest you close your eyes.” A disconcerting moment later, everyone is in a room full of surveillance equipment, likely underground. An assistant moves quickly to the girl and holds open an air-sickness bag. She takes the bag and quietly vomits into it. She looks haggard.

“That’s why I suggested you close your eyes.”

No one can get in or out of Omega Group HQ without the aid of psychic teleport.
OG claims humans with the psychic gene can’t survive after puberty for very long; they believe the Mule is surely dead by now.

Graffiti in an abandoned building: “The Mule is Alive.”

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